2016 DEWA Event Report

Get the 2016 District Energy + Water Academy Event Report

The inaugural District Energy + Water Academy (DE+WA) unpacked some of the biggest opportunities in utility-scale energy and water development to arm district teams from as far away as Auckland, New Zealand with practical, proven models for successful feasibility, financing, policy integration, and marketability to move beyond the building. We put our diverse sector of attendees in front of expert-led skill sessions, compelling case studies, and tours of world-class projects to expand perspectives and forge lasting peer connections.

Our host city of Vancouver, British Columbia gave us the opportunity to showcase some of the world’s most successful district-scale energy and water systems across the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, the Olympic Village, and the stunning TELUS Garden. In partnership with our program development team from Reshape Strategies, we invested more than 10 months building a highly interactive program that ultimately achieved a 100 percent rating of exceptional or very good from participants, faculty, sponsors, and partners alike.